2013 Reading update, part I-lost-count

Lots of Jewish holidays means lots of time for reading for fun. And my public library‘s fantastic holds system allowed me to have three of my four remaining 2013 books for the last two weeks (along with the have-to-read-before-the-last-book-on-the-list book).


The Yellow Birds. Heartbreaking. A good read, and if I’d put more effort into it, I’m sure that I would understand the canary allusion better. As it is, there is only one explicit mention of canaries, which I assume is the “yellow bird” reference in the title.

A Hologram for the King. Unsettling. And doesn’t really resolve, which just continues the unsettling-ness.

Why Does the World Exist? Thought-provoking. But there were factual errors (at least one, in which a philosopher was once referred to as being from Cambridge and once from Oxford–them’s fighting words), and logic problems, and too often turned to the question HOW does the world exist, so despite the thought-provoking nature of the book, I gave up on it.

Still reading Wolf Hall as preparation for reading Bring Up the Bodies. Reactions forthcoming.

Did you read any of these books? I’d love to hear different reactions to them.

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