Hack Library School Day in the Life, Day 1*

Spring break, yay!

Oh wait, spring break barely registers when one works full time. But–spring break, more time to work on papers, yay!

On tap today is a paper about the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act. The paper has been causing me to pull my hair out for no reason other than my own flakiness. The assignment is to write (five to seven pages) about a current trend in librarianship relating either to diversity in the profession or to the role of librarians/libraries/archives/etc. in society. I chose UELMA as my topic because with the start of legislative sessions, the UELMA has been introduced in a number of states (NINE! if I counted correctly) and thus has been in the news. And did you know that the initial call for a uniform act on the subject came from librarians? It did. So I’m asserting that “lawyers” is a fair subset of “society” and marching forth (get it? March 4th? I slay myself) with the topic.

The trick is going to be the actual writing. My other papers I have been able to visualize a structure in my head. This one is escaping me, I think because I’ve been trying to start with the description of the trend rather than a description of the history to this point. Tonight I’ll be exploring if a new structure will cause the words to flow rapidly from my brain through my fingers.

If it doesn’t, you’ll be reading more mopeyness on this topic later in the week.

This post is part of the Hack Library School Day in the Life (#HLSDITL) project.

*By calling this “day 1” you should not assume that I will post every day this week. You also should not assume that I will NOT post every day this week.

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