Snow dismissal

In light of the federal government’s new early dismissal policy for snow events (oh wow who did I just channel in calling them that?), which I haven’t read, I thought I would share a no-longer-in-effect Mayor’s Memorandum (rescinded in 2001) that seems to have made a good deal of sense.

MM 89-48

It’s Friday and that means…

DC Register day!

For a serious (with occasional snark) summary, you can always follow fellow nerd hgil¬†on twitter. But if you want the best parts of the Register (i.e., Council’s Ceremonial Resolutions), you have to come here.

The best ACRs are those recognizing people on milestone birthdays or their retirement. Why are they the best? Because they have the greatest phrases. My favorite from today (because while I’d like to have a laugh about another honoree’s name, it really isn’t her fault) is this phrase:

“WHEREAS, after graduating from Eastern Senior High School and walking down its storied marble staircase…”

I ask: what does the school’s staircase have to do with this beloved teacher’s professional path?