The Great Pandemic Baking Show: Lemon Tart

Follow up to season one, episode one: what to do when you have four leftover egg yolks.

What is the best thing made with egg yolks? Lemon curd. There is no room for debate here. I am right, 100%.

Except that 1. the recipe I selected to use had too much butter in it, and 2. there are a lot of recipes for lemon curd that use the whole egg. So…we may be having more lemon curd as I try to find a better recipe. In the meantime, the lemon curd I made isn’t good for eating straight, so I digged out a tart pan in my parents’ basement, and made a lemon tart.

I still had those ground almonds I mentioned in the Swiss roll post, so I searched for a Passover almond tart crust. I ended up making the crust for this pie recipe, shown here post baking, pre filling. I didn’t do a great job of making it show-worthy, but it’s my first ever tart crust. I’ll wait for perfection.

After I baked the crust and let it cool, I poured in the lemon curd. Even my “lemon curd? no thank you” mom enjoyed the tart.

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