2014 Book list: 50 states

Any list of states that leaves out DC pretty much bugs me, but 50 books in a year is easier than 51, so I forgive the curator of this one. A novel for each state. I’ve read Alaska already (LOVE MICHAEL SHEA-BON-JOVI CHABON.) I’ve also read Maine, and of course I’ve read Maryland (also a big fan of Michener). I can cross Michigan off my list, as well, but I’ll get my Eugenides fix when Rhode Island comes around. And New Hampshire (In July I bought A Prayer for Owen Meany just to round out my John Irving collection). Finally, I’ve read South Carolina already as well, which leaves 44 books to read in the year. Yes, many of them are classics and it is EMBARRASSING that I haven’t read them. Time to make up for that!

I’ve made myself a schedule, which I’m sharing here so you can join in the fun.

Here’s another list of books by state, also leaving out DC: http://www.businessinsider.com/most-famous-book-set-in-every-state-map-2013-10

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