Consistency, conshmistency

A brief follow up to yesterday’s post on committee names. Today’s step (one of today’s steps…) in the big project was to search the DC Code to find committees, boards, etc., that the Director of DPR sits on. (Yesterday involved going through Mayor’s Orders.)

Among them, two that are examples of the notable lack of consistency in naming things (I do not claim that I would do any better):

  • District of Columbia Bicycle Advisory Council
  • Pedestrian Advisory Council

Here we have only the inconsistency of “do we include DC in the name?” but there are other ways in which agencies, departments, boards, etc., are not named consistently. Some include “District of Columbia.” Some include “DC.” Some don’t include either. Some just include “District.” It’s enough to make a nit-picky critic like myself throw up her hands in despair.

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