Two weeks ago (15 days, to be precise) I donated a kidney to one of my friends. Thirteen days ago I was discharged from the hospital and twelve days ago I felt well enough to walk to the pharmacy and supermarket. But thanks to an incredible synagogue community, I’m going to be getting meals delivered for another week and a half.

I have a bit of a secret: I’m kind of tired of it.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate that my friends want to do this, I appreciate meatloaf and lasagna (each of which I’ve only been delivered once, and I feel kind of cheated because of it), I appreciate that I don’t have to go grocery shopping while I’m not supposed to be lifting much. And whining because I have too many leftovers to feel like I can just make myself a pot of spaghetti is the definition of spoiled.

But I’ve learned some lessons from this experience.

  1. Fruit. I am desperate for a granny smith apple. I am very grateful for the two food deliveries that included fruit. And that I will have time tomorrow to stop at the supermarket for apples.
  2. Labels. This is mostly relevant for the kosher-keeping folks among us, but if the meal isn’t meat, let me know if it’s pareve or dairy. I want dessert darn it, and I don’t know if the cookies that came with the fish burgers are suitable to eat after the meatloaf.
  3. Shabbat. Okay, so I probably wouldn’t be cooking for guests and having people over for Shabbat, but there’s something kind of sucky about being basically forced to eat alone because people are delivering food to you instead of inviting you to their homes. I realize that if I hadn’t recovered so quickly this would be a blessing but right now I’m feeling particularly bummed.

Now, go forth and do something good for someone. And maybe share a kidney while you’re at it. I’ll bring you fruit.


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