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I fell in love with 7-eleven coffee at some point shortly after moving to my current home. 7-eleven is extremely close to my house (not as close as ThreeFifty Bakery, which opened after I moved here, or as close as Starbucks, but still close) and is on my way walking to almost everywhere I go. In particular, it is on my way to both jobs I’ve had while living in my current home. Since I am pretty bad at both making halfway decent coffee and at having milk in my refrigerator that hasn’t turned, getting coffee on my way to work is the rule in my life.

Even before the introduction of the 7-eleven app, coffee deals made 7-eleven a great place to get not only coffee but also various breakfast baked items for cheap. Now, the app is necessary for taking advantage of these deals (and yes, “taking advantage” is really the right phrase), so sign up and download it.

Here’s.Monday of the month, not the first DAY of the month. So if you, like me, were looking forward to an anticipated coffee deal this month, you, like me, may have been disappointed if you expected it on November 1st.

Why are combos the key? I’ll explain. An extra-large hot coffee is $2.39. (It may be less in less expensive markets.) This month’s deal is ANY size coffee and any muffin for $2. So I got a muffin not for free, but for -$0.39. Or, you could say, I sacrificed my opportunity to eat the very delicious homemade banana bread waiting for me on my counter for $0.39.

$2 is not the least expensive coffee around. (That designation belongs to McDonald’s, though for the time, coffee is free at Wawa on Tuesdays–stay tuned for a post about that even though Wawa is a full mile from my home.) However, when you add in the cranberry orange muffin, which is my favorite, or you consider that ANY hot coffee, which includes machine-made espresso drinks, is $2, the value is definitely high.

A few other notes:

  1. Donuts. Often the coffee and baked good combos involve donuts. If the deal specifies a basic glazed ring donut, obviously that’s what you should choose. But if it doesn’t, I and my sweet tooth recommend the chocolate frosted donut. After a long history with Dunkin as my go-to coffee, I can state unequivocally that 7-eleven’s chocolate frosted donuts are far and away better than Dunkin’s. This is because 7-eleven’s are glazed before they are frosted. Dunkin’s are dry when they are frosted, so they are not as sweet.
  2. It turned out that my coffee flop yesterday at 7-eleven was due to my attempt to get a machine-made mocha while the machine was out of hot cocoa powder. I spent about 15 minutes there today while they diagnosed the problem and then tried to solve it. They happened to accidentally make it worse, so I got a regular drip coffee, the kind that one expects for a total of $2. There is absolutely no reason to complain about drip coffee from 7-eleven.
  3. Iced coffee is another ballgame. My 7-eleven got a fancy iced coffee set up shortly before the pandemic and I’ve never used it. If this series is still going strong when it gets back to iced coffee weather, I’ll check it out and post.

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