Maximize Your Coffee: Wawa

Here’s the thing about Wawa: Free Coffee Tuesdays.

Wawa isn’t in the half mile radius around my house, but on the lazy-to-cost spectrum, I’m definitely willing to be less lazy in order to get free coffee. On Tuesdays*, that’s Wawa.

Side note: my preferred purchase at Wawa is a soft pretzel and a raspberry coke (hooray for the Coca Cola Freestyle machines).

Back to the topic at hand. Free Coffee Tuesdays. Get the Wawa app. You’ll get a reminder on Monday to go on Tuesday. The deal is good for regular hot coffee (lots of roast level, flavor, caffeine options) or “Handcrafted Iced Coffee.” To be honest, I don’t really know what “handcrafted iced coffee” includes. It’s autumn; just get hot coffee.

*It’s entirely possible that Free Coffee Tuesdays can be redeemed on Monday or Wednesday, but I’m not walking a mile for free coffee if the coffee isn’t going to end up being free, so I haven’t tried it. Do you live near a Wawa? Will you check it out and let us know?

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