Reading update

Looking at my list of posts, it appears that I’ve completely neglected to keep up my running commentary on my 50 states, 50 books project. You might have noticed that you’re not really missing anything, as my “reviews” of the books are, well, terrible. I won’t bore you with my reactions to every book since Arizona. (Keep that sigh of relief to yourself, please!) I will, however, let you know that I’m 22 states in (not all in alphabetical order, primarily because I took 6 novels out of the library at the same time and have put off reading Infinite Jest because it is LONG), so making reasonable progress.

I will also say that Deliverance was amazing, A Confederacy of Dunces hilarious, and the book I ultimately read for Hawaii (none of the nearby library systems had the designated book) turned out to barely mention Hawaii. I certainly expected more Hawaii from a novel called December 6 with a LC subject heading involving the word “Hawaii.” (That heading was not, however, “Fiction — Hawaii”, so one could legitimately say that I should have done a better search.)

Was anyone playing along with this game? How is your progress?

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