HLSDITL! (Day 1)

It’s round two of Hack Library School Day in the Life. And what a week it promises to be.

But first, my crazy fish:

Dagger nose-down That’s Dagger. Nose-down in his plant.

Now, back to relevant stuff. Today is Monday, which means class after work. Which means a very long day. Today I managed to get up more-or-less with my alarm clock, giving me time to toss the ingredients for mushroom barley soup in my slow cooker. The only problem with this is that I’ll spend all of class eager to get home. There are worse things in life!

Big stuff today. I spent a chunk of time watching an old D.C. Council meeting in search of the rationale given for an amendment to a bill related to a project I’m working on. Prescient moment: a currently incarcerated then-Councilmember speaking about legislation relating to ex-offenders (or “returning citizens,” as we call them here). One information access problem here (okay, a bunch of them): 1. I couldn’t find amendments on our office network drive. Seems to me that we ought to have them somewhere accessible. 2. We don’t have meeting agendas saved on our office network drive either.* I had to go ask one of our Amazing Admins (I think this is going to be their new title from now on; they could have their own act in a show!) to look in her files. 3. Videos don’t have bookmarks so I had no way of knowing where in the video was the part I was looking for.** The meeting was over five hours long. Ultimately I found it and all was well with the world.

Other big things today: finalizing my decisions on mortgage and settlement companies. Because with everything else going on in my life, I decided it was time to buy a condo. If not now, when?*** Right?

And class, of course. Didn’t do all the reading because I’ve decided (apparently, subconsciously) that this is my semester to be a bad student.


* IDEA! There’s no reason why I can’t create such a folder. Initiative, I haz it.

** Let me explain why I didn’t know where on the video I was looking, even though I had an agenda from the meeting. Legislative meetings have two parts: a consent agenda, and a non-consent agenda. The consent agenda is voted on in a block with a unanimous vote. The non-consent agenda is voted on item-by-item. The non-consent agenda is addressed in the order that it’s printed on the agenda, BUT sometimes items get removed from the consent agenda and then who knows when they’ll be talked about. That was the case here.

*** Pirkei Avot 1:14.

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