Day 2 in the life

That’s it. I’m dropping out.

Today’s day was interrupted by a wholly pointless meeting with our department chair. Working backwards through the story, I wish he had just returned my email suggesting the meeting with a “yep, you’re screwed, no need to meet.”

Or that he had returned my first email with a “yep, you’re screwed, sorry, nothing I can do.”

Here’s the problem: I have three classes left. One core class, one class for the law librarianship specialization, and one pure elective. The class for the law library specialization is only offered one time per year, in the spring. It is on Saturday morning. I can’t take classes on Saturdays. ┬áThe core class is offered twice this spring: on Saturdays (ugh) and on Thursday afternoons. Afternoons. Not evenings. 3:40. Technically? I could take that section. I could take three hours of vacation every week and piss off my clients and annoy my coworkers and use all of my vacation time. (Note: I am incredibly lucky to accrue 6 hours of vacation time every pay period.)

I wanted to know if there would be any options to address this dilemma.

I left my meeting with the department chair with two next steps: talk to my advisor (who teaches the law librarianship class) to see if she would be open to teaching it on a weeknight. Next spring. Because why should I finish in the summer like I’d hoped to? And pray. I kid you not. I said to the chair, “so I guess my next step is to pray that [the core class] is offered at a time I can take it over the summer?” and he didn’t counter that.

But my day wasn’t all bad, and my trip to that side of the city wasn’t completely wasted, as the meeting was followed by an event where I met my Urban Alliance intern. I’m looking forward to working with her this year (she starts in our office on Monday)–my first impressions were very positive. She’s very well spoken and quite mature for a high school senior! I’ve got to say: if you work in a city with Urban Alliance, you should strongly consider becoming a job site. They do an amazing job of preparing and working with their students for a successful year. (Private job sites are required to make a substantial contribution to Urban Alliance to be a job site, but they also do “unpaid” sites–the student is still paid but the site doesn’t have to pay–for non-profit and government job sites. Not guaranteed, but a possibility.)

That was all just this afternoon; earlier I had a meeting with a colleague about lawyer stuff (read: privileged conversation) and spent an inappropriate amount of time on the phone with banks. How did THIS week become the week during which I need to do all of the prep work for buying a condo? (And OMG I AM GOING TO OWN MY HOME BEFORE THANKSGIVING. –depending on contingencies)

Stay tuned for day 3, which includes a field trip for school and some last minute legal work for one of my clients.

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