Day three in the life

This is definitely not the typical week of a library student. (Not that I know what a typical week looks like. I just know that this ain’t it.)

Today started out with a field trip for school (my first and hopefully last during library school). We went to the Department of the Interior for a demonstration of their electronic records document management system. The most interesting part was they have a method to auto-categorize emails and other documents using what amounts to artificial intelligence. Definitely the wave of the near-term-future.

Then back to the office to get some legal memos written and signed by the boss, some insurance shopping, some conversation with the lender for my mortgage, a committee meeting, a conversation with my boss, some pistachios, and then home. Time to take a breath!

About the pistachios: they are these. No one paid me to talk about them. They’re just That. Good. (And pretty necessary when you’re running on iced coffee and a muffin the size of Montana. Even though the muffin was the size of Montana.)

I’ve got quite the to-do list for tonight, including an effort to actually do school work on a day other than Sunday. Come back tomorrow for day 4, on which there will be a home inspection, review of condo documents, and a trip to the bank to drop off papers with the lender.


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