Maximize Your Coffee: At the office!

I work from the office one day a week. I pass the following on my walk: three McDonalds, two Wawas, one 7-11, two independent coffee shops, two Dunkins, one Starbucks, one Bluestone Lane, one Pret a Manger, and one Panera. At least. But the office has three coffee machines so I pass by each of those and make myself a free-to-me cup of vanilla coffee once I get to my desk.

Today*, however, there was a CRISIS OF COFFEE. The fancy machine at the office has been broken for over a week. I reluctantly considered using one of the Keurig machines; a coworker pointed out that they are said to often have hidden mold, but desperate times, you know? I made the coffee, added a few half-and-halfs, and then…white clumps in my coffee. Did you know that the single serve half and halfs could spoil? I didn’t either.

The crisis was resolved with a trip to Compass Coffee. It’s not on my list of coffee shops that I pass on my way to the office because it is one block further. My vanilla latte was delicious. Expensive, and small for a medium, but delicious. Not a great option for maximizing coffee consumption, but good in a pinch.

Stay tuned for another Maximize Your Coffee post in the coming days!

*I wrote this two months ago and never clicked on publish!

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