Maximize Your Coffee: Wydown Coffee Bar

Oh, what a disappointing Sunday it is. I went to The Cake Room to get my coffee this morning. It’s chol ha-moed birthday (that is, the time between my birthday on the Hebrew calendar–the 29th of Shvat–and my birthday on the secular calendar–February 17th) so I thought a cupcake would be a good treat with my coffee. I was doubly disappointed: the holiday flavors they had been advertising that sounded so delicious were no longer on offer (really, it’s February, I shouldn’t be surprised) AND they don’t have syrups for coffee. So I apologized to the person working and decided to go all the way to Wydown, on account of it being sunny and Sunday and I had time.

Let me start by saying that the coffee at Wydown is good. And even better than the coffee are the cherry almond scones. (If The Cake Room had cherry almond cupcakes, I might have forgiven the lack of vanilla or caramel to add to my coffee.) That said, the only flavor option was vanilla, the only size option was 12 ounce, and it was pretty spendy.

If I were to put Wydown’s vanilla latte against Bakery 350’s vanilla latte, Wydown’s would win on taste, but there are at least four additional coffee shops between the two, so if I really wanted a vanilla latte, I wouldn’t go all the way to Wydown. If I really wanted a cherry almond scone, though? Definitely.

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