The fourth day in the life

Home inspection day! Waiting for the typed up report, but just minor things that a quick visit from an electrician should take care of, I think. Tomorrow I must deal with insurance.

No progress on the spring semester schedule debacle. Last night I emailed a professor I’ve had before and who has taught the core class I still need to take. “I don’t know how much control you have over what you teach and when, but I am emailing with a fervent plea that if you are teaching [core class] this summer, that you teach it an a weeknight.” His response, paraphrased: “Probably not teaching it; you should contact the department chair.”

As my mom said, “been there, done that.”

As for work, today was editing day. Also known as hating people day. Picture here (because I’m too lazy to look for an image) a piece of paper covered in red ink. That was the first document I edited. It was unbelievable. It was like the person who wrote it took a blank piece of paper and said to herself “now, what are the parts of a bill, again?” instead of, oh, starting with an existing bill and changing the parts that needed to be changed. That was bad enough. Then came the second document.

The second document looked exactly like the first, except in terms of substantive details. I got it right when I was about to leave for the inspection, so I wrote back and asked the writer to look at the changes I made in the first document, make those same changes in the second one, and send it back to me. No reason why I should have to make the same changes over and over again, plus, this way I figured she would learn. Got back from the home inspection and saw that she’d sent it back to me. With none of the changes made. This is why I hate people. I don’t mind the editing.* It’s the editing of documents that I don’t think the author even read that I mind.

And that, friends, was my day. See you tomorrow!


*I proofread some court filings today, too, and I caught where the date was written “October 31, 2103.” Those are the fun things that I like to catch.




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