Hack Library School Day in the Life, Day 2

First Tuesday of the month means DC Council legislative meeting, also known as try-not-to-say-something-on-twitter-that-gets-me-fired day. This of course has nothing to do with library school, but it is very related to a day in my life.

Also in my day today, the last bits of inauguration are gone from in front of the White House. Hopefully this means that my walk to work in the morning will only be interrupted by foreign leaders staying in the Blair House, instead of the occasional construction blocking the whole of Pennsylvania Avenue.

And cookies. The impulse-buy cookie section of Trader Joe’s was completely picked over. Thank goodness, people don’t seem to like the oatmeal cookies as much as the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, though I don’t know why because they are AH-mazing, so I was able to satisfy my immediate hunger without breaking into the vegetables.

Hoping for a snow day tomorrow. Is there anything better than getting to stay in your jammies all day? Plus, of course, there’s the paper I whined about yesterday.

I think I have a plan for it, though, so off I go!


This post is part of the Hack Library School Day in the Life (#HLSDITL) project.


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