Hack Library School Day in the Life, Day 3. aka Oops.

Snow day, snow day! But without any actual snow. There was a fair amount of griping from parents stuck at home with bored kids and no snow, but in my mind, this was the best type of snow day. A whole day off from work but the commute tomorrow will be no worse than the commute yesterday.

Meanwhile, my big plan to take advantage of the snow day to bang out this paper was a huge fail. All because of Candy Crush Saga on Facebook. I had been doing VERY VERY WELL at not playing these stupid computer games but slipped the other day and now have an intense need to clear all the jellies from level 37. (Yes, this means that I’ve completed levels 1-36 in the few days since I started playing.) Also I took a nap and watched quite a bit of West Wing; it turns out that neither of those activities are conducive to getting lots done.

Tonight is #libchat on twitter. I generally learn a lot from other students and especially from folks who are already out in the world of librarian-ing, but I think I’ll skip it tonight. After all, despite my struggle to be productive, I did just write almost a single-spaced page this hour. Maybe I can keep it up?


This post is part of the Hack Library School Day in the Life (#HLSDITL) project.


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